To get started, let's talk about two sections of the duals. Normal duals are something that has the same gamemode, like Ship and Ship. It's basically just the same gamemode, but with the two of them having the gravity switched. There is also different kinds of duals, like Ship and Cube.

To start, the duals are sometimes easy, and sometimes hard for people to make whenever they're building a layout, you can also add orbs in the duals too (Overtime does this). You have to make the duals also possible if you want to. but I recommend making it possible for you to get a better chance of having it added.

Camera and Random Triggers

Let's talk about the camera features for 2.2. In order for you to get it added to Layout Certified, you CANNOT use the feature as a different gamemode. The only trigger I recommend is to use the zoom trigger. Don't think you can abuse it though, that won't get you added. I also recommend not using the random trigger, as it might ruin the layout.

Move Trigger

The move trigger is a very good trigger. Just don't abuse it, that will get your layout not added. I HIGHLY recommend using them for a very good layout you're making. That actually will give you a higher place in the playlist and website.


There's also something called layout decoration or just called decoration, it's basically where it looks like decoration, but it isn't. I recommend using this for a layout you're making, that will give a higher place in the playlist. I also recommend not using it for a bad layout.